Monday, August 8, 2016

The Music of Namaste Audio CD by Tim McAuley

You can now take the tranquility and calm of the Namaste Yoga soundtrack off the mat. The Music of Namaste features eleven full length compositions originally created for the television series. Over 70 minutes of instrumental music - all written to the rhythm of breathing. Use it for your own Yoga practice or just to find calm at the end of a long day. The Music of Namaste is composed and performed by Tim McCauley.


So relaxing, so soothing. The cover is so beautiful and definitely drew me to the CD. I listen to this audio CD in my vehicle and I play it on my laptop while I am working on my novel. The music is lovely and I love listening to it often. I have also transferred it into my cell phone as I can plug it in at night to help me fall asleep.  

There are 11 tracks entitled: Baha, Elevation, Exalted Warrior, The Circle, Jai, Lotusland, Awakening, Varanasi, Water Light, Heart Opening, and Riding the Wind. The titles themselves tell you how calming and uplifting the music truly is. One of my favourite CDs for relaxation.

Namaste Yoga (Season 2 the Complete Series) by Kate Potter

Continue your practice with Namaste Yoga: The Complete Second Season. Enjoy the same soothing narration, gorgeous vistas and calming music in 13 all new yoga sequences designed by master yoga teacher Kate Potter. Featured poses include Sage Pose, Pigeon Pose and Dancing Shiva. 

Features Include: 

  • Thirteen, 22 minute sequences.
  • Appropriate for beginner to advanced practitioners
  • Learn Plough Pose, Dancer's Pose, and Pigeon Pose
  • Hatha/Vinyasa style yoga

For a beginner like me, Yoga can be a little daunting. I did not know enough about the various types of yoga that are offered at my gym. The Namaste Yoga DVDs took all the guess work out of it. I am proud to say that I have all three seasons and the complete set. But for this review, I'll be discussing the second in series.

I admit that I am a big fan of the Namaste Yoga DVD workout videos which I originally discovered on TV. I am the type of person who enjoys many different activities from water jogging to the treadmill to Zumba, and step aerobics, and more.  So I like to dabble in yoga as it adds variety to my workouts and is great for helping me relax.  

Visually stunning, this DVD is filmed in beautiful surroundings. The background music is lush and soothing. The natural settings change to add visual stimulation. The narrator's voice is very pleasant, calming, and lovely to listen to. A group of lovely women demonstrate the poses and provide wonderful inspiration. The DVD also introduces mantras / meditation for the ultimate relaxation experience. 

There are 13 episodes of authentic yoga sequences which adds a great deal of variety. Each episode is 22 minutes long, so I find it quite easy to fit one or two sessions into my busy day. I often do one or more sessions according to my schedule or fitness level or energy level. 

Namaste Yoga is the best yoga fitness program I have found to date. I'm thrilled with all three of the DVDs in the series. So much variety, so beautiful to watch, so easy to do! Get all three seasons! Highly recommended!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

HCF - Happy, Calm, Focused - An exciting new brain supplement!

Who doesn't want to be happy, calm, and focused throughout the day! This is one of my newest favourite things! And I'm excited about discovering the excellent company who makes it. So what exactly is HCF? The product description on Amazon says: 

HCF® Happy, Calm & Focused® is an original, pure and effective dietary supplement, considered one of the most exciting discoveries in brain supplementation in decades! The advantage HCF has over other brain supplements is that typical brain supplements rely on high dose '50 ingredients-in-1' glorified multi-vitamins or just herbs to artificially give your brain a lift, while HCF supports feeding your brain's own neurotransmitters with what it is 'suppose to have' - F&Q amino acids. These two powerful key amino acids are found in whole-food proteins like fish, milk, cheese and turkey. F&Q works by supporting the increase of "feel good" neurotransmitter levels responsible for helping you feel happy, calm and focused every single day. 

Anxiety and worrying runs in my family. I'm a writer and blogger with a big and busy Italian family in my life. I'm also an A-type personality with a high threshold for being a workaholic. So I was really excited about trying this product out. And I was thrilled with the results.

Like any supplement, it takes a few weeks for it to build up in your body and begin to take effect. All you do is take 3 capsules with 8 ounces of water 30 minutes before eating breakfast. In as little as three days, I found myself sleeping better at night and less stressed during the day. This new supplement makes me feel more serene and less rushed. Almost immediately, I noticed my sleep improve. I wake up less, or not at all, and I awaken refreshed in the morning. To tell the truth, and I know it sounds almost hard to believe, but I do have happy, happy thoughts now, a more positive outlook, even when things become hectic and difficult. and as for clarity, I find I can sit and concentrate on writing with fewer interruptions and for longer periods of times. In fact, because of this fabulous supplement, I have completely eliminated caffeine because I no longer need the boost. 

Even their website is impressive. You can find them at: They offer world-wide shipping and a fourteen day free trial. From the site, you can learn more about the product's history, what HCF is made with, and much more. You can also order product, buy a gift card for a friend, refer a friend to earn a free bottle, and keep track of your account and billing information. Their customer service division is wonderful and helpful. 

I am so very impressed with this product and have made it part of my morning supplement routine. I cannot rave about this product enough. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

TaoTronics TT-CD05 Car Dashboard Camera

If you're looking for a good quality dash cam that's reasonably priced, here's one that will definitely suite most needs. It is the TaoTronics TT-CD05 Car Dashboard.  

You can purchase it on or

Product Description: 

  • High-tech build-in chipset can gives you the Full HD 1080P/30fps DVR with a true vision 150°wide angle sight. The most compact and convenient design that comes with a whole package of accessories to get you started,e.g. 2.7”LCD screen ,windshield mount, USB cable,car charger and a 32Gb superspeed class 10 orignal Sandisk TF card, your reliable driving companion on the road.
  • High intergration of technology: Superior Night-vision, Six-Glass lense and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)technology, as well as Loop recording provides unlimited storage from the 32G TF card, thus no need to delete once storage is full.
  • More intelligent & Safer: Emergency Lock Button & Accident Auto Detection Feature (G-Sensor) can lock up current DVR recodering during critical moments (such as car accidents), thus protecting your high-quality recordings.
  • Easy to Use: The Auto-ON/OFF syncs with the car engine; saving you from turning it ON/OFF each time you need to use it.
  • 12 month Warranty To Cover Any Issues and profesional team support. All emails would be replied in 18 hours. 85% would be replied in 1-4 hours.Our contact email is inside the user's manual, contact card and quick installation guide. For FAQ and firmware update, please check Taotronics' official web site. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

My Review:

Here are some of the things I love about it...

1. Although it comes jam-packed with a ton of features, it is very easy to use. The manual that comes with it covers everything you need to know to install and use it.

2. The camera records very nicely in daylight as well as night time. 

3. It can be set to automatically begin recording as soon as the engine starts, or this feature can be disabled depending on your preference.

4. It has a nice wide viewing angle at 150' and / or can be digitally zoomed.

5. There are 6 operating buttons for on/off, modes, muting, zooming, menus, and video files. 

6. When playing back a video, you can easily read licence plates ahead of your vehicle. 

7. It plugs into a standard USB charger in your vehicle.

8. The camera is of a nice quality. It is encased in a metal frame and the buttons are of an adequate size to make them easy to push. 

9. The video quality is very good, clear, and shows plenty of details. The sound is also of a nice quality, but without too much outside noise. The mic can be turned on and off.

10. An easy to navigate menu! 

There's lots to like with this handy dash-cam, especially because it's easy to install and use and has great video/audio quality! 


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Real Shark Teeth help children learn about Sharks! Another brilliant kit by National Geographic!

  • MEGALODON REPLICA - Examine this enormous museum-quality Megalodon tooth replica--cast from one of the largest megalodon teeth ever found!

  • 5 HIGH QUALITY FOSSILS - Collect FIVE real shark teeth (each from different species of shark) and start a marine fossil collection

  • INSPIRE AND EDUCATE - Kids can't get enough shark facts! This science kit comes with National Geographic's full-color learning guide to fuel your child's interest in sharks

  • SHARKS OF ALL SPECIES - This kit can include teeth from a number of shark species such as tiger, bull, snaggletooth, sand tiger, otodus, lemon shark, and more!

  • RESPECTED QUALITY - Providing children with the best educational toys, this kit comes with National Geographic's 100% satisfaction guarantee

I can't express how impressed I am with this learning kit. It is no surprise that a reputable organization like National Geographic would create such a wonderful learning opportunity for kids. My 10 year old grandson was thrilled with it and is eager to bring it to class to share with his teachers and other students. He has always been fascinated with sharks and dolphins since he was a toddler, so this kit amazed him.

The kit comes with a booklet that provides many details about sharks, a megaldon and how it went extinct. It is easy to read with plenty of pictures. Next, the kit contains an exact replica of a Megalodon tooth. The replica is very large, 100 % accurate, and of the highest quality. In fact, they cast it from an original. And then there are actual real shark teeth from different shark species. It even had the adults in the room awwwing and ooohing with interest.

This is a perfect gift for boys and girls between the ages of 7 to 12, or for teachers to use in the classroom.

I am so very impressed. Highly recommended.

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